Ricky Williamson is a performer, performance maker and facilitator from Fife but currently based in Glasgow. Ricky’s performance making practice often focusses on autobiographical led processes in which he explores his relationship to people and place. Having lived and studied in Glasgow for four years, he often creates performance that explores his existing relationship and feelings towards his partner, his family and his hometown and what it means for him to be physically separated from all of these things. Through the process of exploring nostalgia, Ricky’s performances investigate the simple yet global things that make us all human. Ricky makes performance through an autobiographical lens, whilst creating a space for those watching to question, critique and reflect on themselves and their own lives alongside him.

As well as making autobiographical performance, Ricky also facilitates and directs as part of his practice and these strands are often situated in many different social contexts. From primary schools to community centres, from prisons to residential homes, Ricky works with a wide range of participants and uses performance and performance making as a way for everyone to explore their own humanity and humanness.

Professionally Ricky has worked with the National Theatre of Scotland for their Exchange festival, been a part of the International Youth Arts Festival, created performances with theatre company’s Urban Fairytale and Tiny Fragments, and recently undertook a professional placement with performance maker and applied artist Lou Brodie as part of his studies on the Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

"Ricky’s practice and career is one I have followed from the start. His energy and commitment is evident in every performance he makes and his work holds a mirror up to the audience, allowing them to see things that they would often miss."– Matthew Murphy, Ricky’s Grandad and biggest fan.