Within his own making practice, Ricky investigates his own humanity in relation to the people and places that are a part of his life. He carries this investigation with him into whatever context he is working within, attempting to create a space where those he is working with can explore their own humanity in relation to their world too. Ricky often works in different social contexts with a vast range of people and he believes that making performance with those who would not normally do so, in contexts where performance would not normally occur is the most stimulating thing for both himself and those he is working with, and it is in working within these contexts that he feels the most radical change and most exciting outcomes can occur.

Oakwood Residency

In 2015 Ricky, in collaboration with his classmates, led a six week residential project with the primary six class in Oakwood Primary School in Easterhouse. The process began with the stimulus of ‘Robotics Incorporated’, a fictional company who were investigating their relationship to technology, and this worked as the framing for the project and the final performance that it culminated in six weeks later. Over the six weeks, the participants explored their own personal relationship to technology and challenged what effect this was having on them and the planet that they inhabit.

Creation Station

Ricky assists Geraldine Heaney in the running of the weekly performance class Creation Station, held in Platform in Easterhouse. Working with a group between the ages of six and eleven, Ricky and Geraldine explore performance and performance making as a way for the participants of Creation Station to use their personal and political voices as young people with a lot to say and a lot of ideas to bring to the table. Creation Station are currently working towards a show that will be performed in summer 2018 called ‘The Jungle Bookle’.

Polmont – Speak Up!

Ricky recently led a week long residency in HMPYOI Polmont alongside Sharon Fraser and Tashi Gore. Working with the performance group over the course of five days to create a short performance entitled ‘Speak Up!’, exploring the theme of Politics, whether these were global, stereotypical, or their own personal politics and beliefs. Looking at the things that matter to them the most, how they think the country should and could be run and why their voices are important.