Ricky Williamson - The Future Will Be Silent

The Future Will Be Silent

The Future Will Be Silent is an exploration of the love/hate relationship we have with our need to consume. Through a continually moving image, the 6 bodies in the space drool, sweat, chew, cry, scream, inhale and exhale in an attempt to understand why we keep going back for more. Within a landscape of disused electrical equipment, these bodies investigate the objects that surround them to better understand the world that they inhabit out with the performance space.

Devised and performed by Charlotte Ash, Maria Monteiro, Miro Seppanen, Sally Charlton, Enya Wolfe and Althea Young and directed collaboratively by Ricky Williamson and Caitlin Fairlie as part of their final year on the Contemporary Performance Practice course, The Future Will Be Silent was performed in the Chandler Studio on 6th & 7th June 2018.

Below are some extracts from the performance.