There was a time when all five of them were weighed down by the sand.
Living in it every day, it bothered them. It found its way into their hair, their clothing and the folds of their skin.
They tried to find meaning in it but they just didn't know how.
After six weeks of living in it every day without purpose it had become an irritant, something that needed to be shed.
So they eventually carried this epic weight to the sea and returned it to where it came from.

Epilogue was an ending, a goodbye, a parting of ways, a final moment. Directed by Peter McMaster and devised/performed by Ricky Williamson, Caitlin Fairlie, Joel McDiarmid, Elliot Cooper and Chloe Stephen, Epilogue premiered in the Chandler Studio on 28th May 2015. It acted as a way for the five performers to attempt to move past the time they had spent together inside of, on top of, covered in and surrounded by the sand.